Editor-In-Chief- Sam Bleifer

Sam Bleifer is a student at the University of Pittsburgh (Class of 2019) who is majoring in Political Science and History, and minoring in Philosophy.  Sam is the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of the Polis Media, originally creating the site at 3 am with only one show, The Unsafe Place Podcast (now titled The Polis Podcast).  Sam is from New Jersey, and he is proud of that for some reason. While Sam defines himself as conservative, he is dedicated to openness and diversity of opinion.

Managing Editor- Andrew Zentgraf

Andrew Zentgraf is a Political Science major at the University of Pittsburgh. Andrew has a particular focus on international relations and foreign policy. He has lived in the Pittsburgh area for his entire live and loves everything about his hometown. When not reading, writing, or talking about politics, Andrew can probably be found running in the parks around Pittsburgh or watching hockey.

Politics/Culture Content Director- Arnaud Armstrong

Arnaud Armstrong is a Political Science and History (Class of 2018). After graduation, Arnaud hopes to apply his experience as a writer and an activist in a career in the conservative movement.  Arnaud has been featured on Spotlight and appears regularly on the Polis Editors’ Podcast and the Polis Podcast as well.

Sports Content Director- Peter Brath

Peter Brath is a Political Science and Economics major at the University of Pittsburgh (Class of 2019). He currently lives in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania (that’s outside of Harrisburg). After graduation, Peter would like to go to law school to study either constitutional or international law.  Peter hosts the Locker Room Podcast and appears regularly on other shows.

Entertainment Content Director- Derek Wagner

Derek Wagner is a student at the University of Pittsburgh and is majoring in Statistics (Class of 2020). Derek hails from Eldersburg, Maryland, but his true allegiance lies with the city of Buffalo and their hapless Bills. While the field of statistics is his ideal vocation, Derek hopes to stay involved in politics and continue to promote conservative thought in American culture.  Derek can be seen on episodes of The Polis Podcast, Spotlight, and the Locker Room.  He also manages a blog on the site called Wagner’s Watchlist.

Editor, The Pitt Polis- Julia Henke

Julia Henke is a Political Science major and German minor at the University of Pittsburgh. Originally from Wilkinsburg, PA, Julia plans on attending law school to study constitutional law after finishing her undergraduate degree at Pitt. With a passion for the law, Julia aspires to become a federal judge and, eventually, a Supreme Court Justice. When not in Pittsburgh for school, Julia resides in Quakertown, PA. Julia is the Editor of the Pitt Polis and the host of The Polis Podcast.

Communications Director- Devon Valinsky

Devon Valinsky is a Political Science and Economics double major at Pitt (Class of 2019). He is from Johnstown, PA, the first Kraft Hockeyville USA winner. Devon plans on attending law school after completing his undergraduate degree. His plan after law school is to practice in criminal law. He is also an avid fan of most sports, especially professional hockey and baseball. Devon also admires the greatness of Tom Brady.

Outreach Director- Steven Harris

Steven Harris is a history and political science major at the University of Pittsburgh (Class of 2018).  He is getting a certificate in National Preparedness and Homeland Security.  He is from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and desires to join the United States Marine Corps.  He identifies as a conservative with strong libertarian leanings.  Steven loves all Pittsburgh sports, but prefers hockey and football.

Host of Bad News – Coleby Mathews

Originally from Shadyside, Ohio, Coleby Mathews joined the United States Army after graduating high school in 2003, embarking on a decade-long career in the military intelligence community. A passion for national security issues led him to the University of Pittsburgh where he is pursuing a degree in Political Science and a graduate certificate in Homeland Security and National Preparedness. Coleby currently resides in Greenville, Pennsylvania with his wife and dog. He is the host of Bad News with Coleby Mathews.

Contributor- Kirk Breiner

Kirk is a Political Science student at Pitt (Class of 2019). He resides from Jim Thorpe, PA, a small tourist destination in the southern part of the beautiful Pocono Mountains.  His goal is to fight elitism and stand behind the lower and middle Americans of small towns across the country, eventually giving them a voice and representation that has been stripped away from them.  Kirk is very proud that he has spent 119 days playing League of Legends.  Kirk is usually on episodes The Polis Podcast and the Locker Room.

Contributor- Patrick Bartash

Patrick Bartash is a student at the University of Pittsburgh (Class of 2021) who plans on majoring in Statistics. Patrick was raised in Eastern Pennsylvania in Royersford (or outside of Philadelphia) where he, for some reason, ran as his sport. If you’re looking to talk to him about anything other than football then he probably can’t hear you. He hopes to work in football analytics in the future or “any job that involves football.” Patrick is the writer of the NFL Power Rankings.

Contributor- Emily Kaib

Emily Kaib is a student at the University of Pittsburgh (Class of 2021) who is an Economics and Political Science major. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Emily has a deep-rooted love for the city. Her love for politics stems from her community involvement and she hopes to one day give back to her community through public service.

Contributor- Luke Olander

Luke Olander is a Junior attending the University of Pittsburgh studying Political Science, Economics, History, and Communications. He is from Sugarloaf, Pennsylvania and enjoys basketball, football, and soccer. Other interests include criminal justice reform, First Amendment issues, and tax policy.

Contributor- Joe Ducko

Joe Ducko is a Freshman at the University of Pittsburgh, studying Computer Science and Statistics. He is a member of the Pitt Sports Analysis club and is a fan of Pittsburgh sports, as well as the Arizona Coyotes and the Washington Nationals. He writes Hockey analysis for the sports section of Polis Media and also joins the Locker Room podcast as well.

Contributor- Jackson Cho

Jackson Cho is an Economics and Political Science student at the University of Pittsburgh. He was born in South Korea but grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, before moving to Pittsburgh in 2010. He enjoys discussing culture, politics, and entertainment.