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2016 Record: 5-11

NFL Draft: Rd 1- S, Jamal Adams; Rd 2- S, Marcus Maye; Rd 3- WR, ArDarius Stewart; Rd 4- WR, Chad Hansen; Rd 5- TE, Jordan Leggett; Rd 6- RB, Elijah McGuire; Rd 7- DB, Derrick Jones

Pitt Players: None (thankfully)

Team Overview:

After finishing half a game shy of the playoffs in 2015, then going 5-11 in 2016, the New York Jets look to continue their steep decline in 2017.  Ever since the Butt Fumble Game (I was in attendance), it seems like the Jets have lacked a quarterback.  I’ll make this one simple, the New York Jets are a bad football team.  As a New Jersey native, I am happy that the Jets take the name “New York,” instead of “New Jersey,” even though MetLife Stadium in in the Garden State.  The last thing my proud home state needs is this sorry franchise degrading its proud name and legacy.  

I’ll address the elephant in the room here, I have no idea who the Jets should start at QB.  Bryce Petty, Christian Hackenberg, and Josh McCown all stink.  If I were the Jets General Manager I would call Colin Kaepernick and sign him to a one year deal.  Even Kaep would be a far better option than any QB currently on this roster.  Last offseason, the Jets though they were getting a huge signing in Matt Forte, but  he couldn’t even reach 1000 yards rushing. I have never been a fan of Forte, and the Jets were foolish to sign him.  On a team without a quarterback, a fan would hope that there would be some good receivers to throw to.  Unfortunately for Jets fans, both Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall left this offseason.  Even worse, promising receiver Quincy Enunwa got a neck injury this summer and will miss the entire season.  Don’t expect a lot of points out of this team in 2017.

Defensively, the Jets have some good players.  They have a defensive line that boasts the likes of Muhammad Wilkerson and Leonard Williams.  Aside from those two players, there is not much to like about the Jets’ defense.  Fans can be excited for first round pick Jamal Adams, but the rest of this secondary disappointed last season despite the arrival of Buster Skrine in 2016 and Morris Claiborne this past offseason.  There are no names in New York’s group of linebackers that stand out either.  There may be some players like Wilkerson, Williams, and Adams that could have good seasons, but don’t expect much from this defense as a unit.  The Jets, along side the Bears, will be in an all out sprint to the bottom of the NFL.

Game by Game Predictions:

Week 1: Away at the Buffalo Bills

The Bills are not a very good team, but the Jets are an even worse one.  I can see the Bills winning here by a touchdown.  I believe in Tyrod!

Predicted Score: 10-3 Bills (Current Record: 0-1)

Week 2: Away at the Oakland Raiders

This one is going to be ugly.  The Raiders will have a top 3 offense in the NFL this year, and the Jets defense stands no chance at stopping them.  Defensively, the Raiders will be able to stop a weaponless Jets O.

Predicted Score: 45-10 Raiders (Current Record: 0-2)

Week 3: Home vs the Miami Dolphins

I still think that Jay Cutler stinks, but any of the three Jets QBs stinks even more.  This one shouldn’t be close.

Predicted Score: 24-7 Dolphins (Current Record: 0-3)

Week 4: Home vs the Jacksonville Jaguars

This is going to be an absolute snoozefest.  The Jaguars defense will score more points than either offense, and New York will remain winless.   

Predicted Score: 10-0 Jaguars (Current Record: 0-4)

Week 5: Away at the Cleveland Browns

In a surprising twist, the Cleveland Browns actually got better this offseason, and the Jets got worse.  I want to see Deshone Kizer start for the Browns, and he could torch this Jets defense for 300 yards.  You know your team is bad when the Browns win by two scores.  Todd Bowles should be looking for work after this season.

Predicted Score: 21-10 Browns (Current Record: 0-5)

Week 6: Home vs the New England Patriots

The Patriots are the best team in the NFL.  I think that’s all we need to say here.  New England can beat any team in the league, so facing the struggling Jets should be easy for them.

Predicted Score: 35-3 Patriots (Current Record: 0-6)

Week 7: Away at the Miami Dolphins

By this time in the season, Jay Cutler should be more comfortable in the Dolphins offense, so look for Miami to win with ease.  The Dolphins have a nice defense as well, so I can’t see the Jets getting many points on them here.  The Jets’ 10 points should come in garbage time.

Predicted Score: 24-10 Dolphins (Current Record 0-7)

Week 8: Home vs the Atlanta Falcons

For the second time in three weeks, the Jets will play a team that was in Super Bowl 51.  This is going to be cake for Matt Ryan and the Falcons.  Atlanta is home to one of the best offenses in the NFL, and the Jets defense doesn’t stand a chance at stopping them.  Atlanta only got better on defense this offseason, so expect them to lock down the weak New York offense.

Predicted Score: 42-14 Falcons (Current Record: 0-8)

Week 9: Home vs the Buffalo Bills

This is one of the only games I can imagine the Jets winning this year.  That said, Buffalo is a better team than New York, and Tyrod Taylor is better than people give him credit for.  The Bills will win by a score on Thursday Night Football.

Predicted Score: 21-14 Bills (Current Record: 0-9)

Week 10: Away at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs are looking to be a playoff team this year, and this one should be easy for them.  Tampa Bay has OJ Howard, Desean Jackson, Mike Evans, and quarterback Jameis Winston.  This will be another embarrassing loss for the Jets, they just don’t have the personnel necessary to stop that amount of talent.

Predicted Score: 35-17 Buccaneers (Current Record: 0-10)

Week 11: Bye-Week

I have repeatedly said that late bye-weeks are good for teams.  That said, the Jets aren’t going to be fighting for a playoff spot, so this week will serve as a break from being embarrassed.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Todd Bowles is fired after the game against the Bucs.

Current Predicted Record: 0-10

Week 12: Home vs the Carolina Panthers

The Jets don’t have the personnel to defend all of the weapons on Carolina’s offense.  Defensively, the Panthers won’t let the Jets score in this game.  This is another week where the Jets will be completely outclassed by an opponent. The Jets have a tough schedule, and losses like this will be demoralizing.

Predicted Score: 21-0 Panthers (Current Record: 0-11)

Week 13: Home vs the Kansas City Chiefs

I called for the Chiefs to wipe the floor with the Jets in my earlier piece.  I’ll stick with that.  Kansas City has excellent coaching and good players while the Jets lack the sufficient talent to put up a fight here.

Predicted Score: 31-3 Chiefs (Current Record: 0-12)

Week 14: Away at the Denver Broncos

I expect another shutout here.  It seems physically impossible for the Jets to score a point against this Denver defense.  Denver, like Kansas City, has much more talent than New York on both sides of the ball.

Predicted Score: 13-0 Broncos (Current Record: 0-13)

Week 15: Away at the New Orleans Saints

The Saints’ offense is still incredible even though their defense isn’t great.  The Jets may actually score some points here, but there is no way they can outscore Drew Brees.

Predicted Score: 31-17 Saints (Current Record: 0-14)

Week 16: Home vs the San Diego Chargers

The Chargers will probably finish under .500 this season, but that isn’t representative of how talented this roster will be.  I think the Chargers could play spoiler to some good teams this year.  I don’t expect the Jets to play spoiler here, and they sink to 0-15

Predicted Score: 28-14 Chargers (Current Record: 0-15)

Week 17: Away at the New England Patriots

I fully expect the Patriots to play their backups here. If the Patriots played their backups’ backups then they would still win this game.   

Predicted Score: 21-10 Patriots (Current Record: 0-16)

Final Results:

The Jets are a bad football team with a tough schedule.  I can only see them winning against the Browns or the Bills.  That said, both of those teams are still better on paper. This season will have Jets fans yearning for the days of Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez.  The Jets are unfortunate enough to get a tough schedule where they play 10 games against 2016 playoff teams or playoff-worthy teams in 2017 (the Pats and Fins twice each).  While their schedule is tough, the leadership of the Jets has done a poor job at putting together a team worthy of competing against top flight teams in the NFL.  Todd Bowles showed a ton of promise in his first season, but, entering his third season, it looks like his job could be in danger.  I don’t mean to be overly harsh on the Jets, but, realistically, this team is going to struggle mightily this year.  If I were New York, I would try to trade some players this year for 2018 draft picks. This franchise shouldn’t dwell on this season, and should instead look to the years to come, where the grass is always greener.

Predicted Record: 0-16

Sam Bleifer is a student at the University of Pittsburgh (Class of 2019) who is majoring in Political Science and History, and minoring in Philosophy. Sam was born and raised in New Jersey and never stops talking about how great Newark airport is (seriously). He aspires to go into politics one day and hopes to run for office in New Jersey. Sam is the host of Spotlight and The Honesty Hour.