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For many fans, it may seem as if their team already has no hope for this season, but for all 32 teams, there is still a reason to believe. Here is a rundown of every NFL teams’ ranking.


No. 1: Atlanta Falcons: 2-0

There shouldn’t be any more doubt as to whether or not this offense will remain as dominant as it was last season. The transition to Steve Sarkisian running this offense doesn’t appear to have slowed down the elite quarterback play of Matt Ryan or receiving ability of Julio Jones, and the pair of talented running backs in Freeman and Coleman.


No. 2: Kansas City Chiefs: 2-0

After an impressive road win in Foxborough, all eyes were on the Chiefs (their offense in particular) to see if they could impress again against a stout Eagles defense, and they did. Travis Kelce, kept mostly in check against the Patriots, went wild with over a 100 yards and a touchdown. Rookie sensation Kareem Hunt, who was tamed for a majority of the game, showed explosiveness on a 53 yard touchdown scamper, and Alex Smith continued to show improvement on deep passes with 9 yards per attempt through the air.


No. 3: New England Patriots: 1-1:

After a poor start at home for Brady, he showed everyone greatness in Week 2. He became the second quarterback in NFL history, alongside Warren Moon, to throw for over 400 yards and 3 touchdowns in one game over the age of 40. However, this should be taken with a grain of salt, as it was against a poor Saints defense.


No. 4: Pittsburgh Steelers: 2-0

Ben Roethlisberger, Martavis Bryant and Antonio Brown are a deadly trio and were able to perform well against an impressive Vikings secondary. If Le’veon Bell continues to be unimpressive after his long holdout, it may be time to start worrying about what was supposed to be a stellar rushing team.


No. 5: Oakland Raiders: 2-0

The Raiders would be even higher on this list if not for their defensive concerns. Derek Carr and this offense have been firing on all cylinders, but Khalil Mack, while still a spectacular pass rusher, isn’t enough on defense to brush off concern. Other than that, the worries that Beast Mode doesn’t have much left in the tank continue to be dismissed as he got his first touchdown as a Raider last week.


No. 6: Denver Broncos: 2-0

The AFC West appears to be the most dominant division in football as 3 teams are in the top 10. The Broncos’ former concerns on offense appear to be fading away as CJ Anderson continues to dominate and Trevor Siemian looks like a completely different QB. This defense will perform excellently as always with Von Miller being impressive on the rush and Talib and Harris in the secondary.


No. 7: Green Bay Packers: 1-1

There were many good signs in their first loss of the season, such as Ty Montgomery’s emergence as a true three-down workhorse, but defensive woes will continue to haunt this team. However, Green Bay hasn’t missed the playoffs in over eight years so fans shouldn’t need to worry.


No. 8: Dallas Cowboys: 1-1

Despite a tough road loss, the Cowboys still boast a very impressive offensive trio in Dak, Dez, and Zeke. Injuries in their secondary are likely to haunt them for weeks to come but Zeke is likely to bounce back from accruing less than one yard per carry last week.


No. 9: Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 1-0

Jameis Winston and his offense were electric with all of the new toys that he acquire over the offseason. Winston was able to avoid turning the ball over in the season opener, which is a good sign of things to come as that was his biggest concern coming into the season. Not to mention that their defense, before garbage time, effectively shutout the Bears.


No. 10: Seattle Seahawks: 1-1

Business is boomin’ for the Legion of Boom, while offensive struggles are hindering this team’s potential, especially the offensive line. Russell Wilson is pressured on too many downs, preventing him from having enough time to make plays. The emergence of Chris Carson and his dominant running performance, despite the struggles on the offensive line, may be able to jumpstart this offense.


No. 11: Baltimore Ravens: 2-0

As Joe Flacco continues to recover from back surgery, this passing offense’s performance will continue to be up in the air. The ground game will be what keeps them going as their defense will continue to hold opposing offenses back.


No. 12: Detroit Lions: 2-0

Matthew Stafford is continuing to impress with a lack of weapons against very good defenses. This Lions defense, which has been weak in recent years, is also impressing with the second most takeaways so far this season. The defense will be tested next week against the elite Falcons offense, however.


No. 13: Tennessee Titans: 1-1

Following a lackluster opening against the Raiders, this Tennessee offense saw a massive blowout victory against the Jaguars with 3 touchdowns on the ground and 1 by air. Mariota didn’t find much success through the air, but for now that can be written off as his having played against a talented secondary.


No. 14: Miami Dolphins: 1-0

Jay Cutler’s debut with the Dolphins wasn’t flashy, but he didn’t turn the ball over and he managed to complete 73% of his passes. With Jay Ajayi running well, Cutler may not need to be great, but instead be more of a complement of a strong ground game.


No. 15: Philadelphia Eagles: 1-1

The Eagles ground game will continue to hinder this team as Blount has been underwhelming in this offense. The lack of a running game means Wentz has to continuously rely solely on his arm. However, he has looked impressive so far in his second season and has shown chemistry with his new receivers.


No. 16: Minnesota Vikings: 1-1

The knee injury to Sam Bradford is concerning as Case Keenum just isn’t as talented a quarterback as the injury-prone replacement to Teddy Bridgewater. However, this team still boasts a good receiving core, a strong defense and rookie running back Dalvin Cook, who has a very impressive 5.6 yards per carry on the year so far. When Bradford returns, this team could be a contender for the division title.


No. 17: New York Giants: 0-2

Simply put, the Giants offense has not been clicking. The offensive line isn’t providing Eli any protection, there is no ground game to speak of, Marshall isn’t connecting with Eli and Odell has been dealing with a knee injury. This is a team that oozes talent, and if the O-line improves — and Odell returns healthy — this could still be a very potent offense with the most talented receiving core in the NFL.


No. 18: Carolina Panthers: 2-0

With all of the hype that this revamped panther offense has gotten this offseason, it has not lived up to it. Cam Newton is still reeling from his shoulder injury and his offense failed to score a touchdown against a weak Bills defense. Their defense has managed to hold opponents to less than ten points two weeks in a row; so if Superman Cam can get back to form, this team could rise very quickly.


No. 19: Washington Redskins

The Redskins offense has been struggling to get going, emblematic in Kirk Cousin’s difficulties connecting with Terrelle Pryor Sr., their replacement for both DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon. The chemistry will build eventually, but the only question is when, as that connection is a must if this offense wishes to succeed as it has in the past.


No. 20: Houston Texans: 1-1

Deshaun Watson has the potential to be a game changer in the weak Texans offense. As their defense continues to dominate, it will be intriguing to watch how Watson will develop as a passer throughout the season.


No. 21: Los Angeles Rams: 1-1

Jared Goff has impressed so far this season. He is averaging 9.8 yards per attempt, which is vastly better than his 6.3 from last season. His improvement means less pressure on a talented defense and a chance this team to sneak into the playoffs.


No. 22: Arizona Cardinals: 1-1

David Johnson’s wrist injury crippled this offense, it is going to take a great improvement from both the offensive line and Carson Palmer for the Cardinals to even have a chance at making the playoffs. However, hope is not lost as this team still boasts one of the best defenses in the NFL, which could carry this team if the offense can stay on the field longer.


No. 23: New Orleans Saints: 0-2

New Orleans’ defense is abysmal to say the least; but the Saints still have Drew Brees. Brees is still one of the greatest quarterbacks around so if he can continue to tear it up, this team will always have a chance.


No. 24: Jacksonville Jaguars: 1-1

This is a team that is on the cusp of greatness, but the current quarterback play is hindering its progress. This defense is stacked and Leonard Fournette is showing why he was drafted fourth overall, so if Blake Bortles can step up and improve, then this team could be something special.


No. 25: Los Angeles Chargers: 0-2

The Chargers are simply unlucky at this point. From a blocked field goal that would have tied the Broncos game week one, to missing a game winning field goal against the Dolphins, this team does not deserve to ben 0-2. This is a well rounded team that is bound to rebound.


No. 26: Buffalo Bills: 1-1

There isn’t much to say about the Bills other than that LeSean McCoy is still great and that Tyrod Taylor is underrated. Their defenses has performed well, allowing only one touchdown on the year so far.


No. 27: Chicago Bears: 0-2

After a close game with the Falcons, the Buccaneers effectively shutout the Bears, aside from a garbage time touchdown. Injuries on offense has left Mike Glennon without a clear number one OR number two receiver. Tarik Cohen is a valuable playmaker and Jordan Howard is still a young talent, but maybe Mitch Trubisky is where John Fox has to go to fix this offense.


No. 28: Cincinnati Bengals: 0-2

The Bengals don’t look good right now and Marvin Lewis is on the hot seat. He has some very talented offensive players including: AJ Green, John Ross, Joe Mixon, and even Andy Dalton (despite his five turnover game). If this team doesn’t come around soon, they will be in trouble. However, like I said, this team is filled with talent, the coaching staff just needs to figure out how to utilize it.


No. 29: Cleveland Browns: 0-2

Despite a strong draft class, the Browns are still in rebuild mode, so they are not expected to do anything spectacular this year. Deshone Kizer has the potential to hopefully be the last starting quarterback for a while. This team is better than last years, and Believeland should not worry about a 0-16 season.


No. 30: San Francisco 49ers: 0-2

The 49ers are also a team in rebuild mode, so they shouldn’t expect much either. The benefits from prioritizing their defense this offseason are already showing, as the team is 10th in points allowed this season compared to last in points allowed last season.


No. 31: New York Jets: 0-2

The Jets are devoid of talent on both sides of the ball, but they are likely to get the first overall pick in next year’s draft. Maybe they can finally solve their quarterback situation with that pick.


No. 32: Indianapolis Colts: 0-2

Yes, without Andrew Luck at the helm of this offense, the Colts are the worst team in the NFL. Their defense is atrocious and Jacoby Brissett is inexperienced and unable to lead this team yet. The Colts will rise in the rankings eventually, but only when Luck returns.