The Locker Room Podcast Episode 4: The Penguins Score a Touchdown!

This week on the Locker Room Podcast, Peter is joined by Nate, Andrew, and Sam! The guys talk about their favorite games of the past week and their excitement over the Penguins win over the Senators in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals. They then discuss the MLB, specifically the Mets and the issues with uninterested fan bases. Afterward, they discuss the NBA and NHL playoffs and wrap up the episode talking about the games they’re looking forward to this week.

Peter Brath is a Political Science and Economics major at the University of Pittsburgh (Class of 2019). He currently lives in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania (that’s outside of Harrisburg). His conservative beliefs are largely rooted in his Christian faith. After graduation, Peter would like to go to law school to study either constitutional or international law. Peter hosts the Locker Room Podcast and appears regularly on other shows.