*Photo Credit: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst

Let us be clear: we, as Republicans, cannot continue to think that the idea of denying immigrants access to this country on the basis that they will ‘probably’ vote for Democrats is okay. If being pro-life is a Republican main stay, isn’t it time to make good on campaign promises? Here is something to ponder: if Republicans actually overturned Roe v. Wade, would they still be able to send out mailers to court evangelicals? We cannot continue to believe that racism does not exist because Martin Luther King “solved all of our problems.” Simply because we personally have never experienced systemic and institutional racism does not mean that we should blindly dismiss the idea that it might exist. We cannot continue to participate in that fool’s errand of fighting with social justice warriors and Anitfa, and believe it is a meaningful use of time. Why are conservatives so triggered by the fact that Colin Kaepernick observes his constitutional right, yet are silent when the debt ceiling rises year after year without reform? Why do Republicans care more about defending Milo Yiannopoulos instead of promoting Milton Friedman? I can only derive that Republicans would rather piss liberals off than live better lives. If the party is to survive beyond 2018, this must change.

There was a time when the Republican leadership truly stood up to the political establishment and reduced the size of government. The party that freed the slaves, reversed recessions in the 1920s and nominated Barry Goldwater has now become the party of nationalist populism. I fear that the members of the GOP do not truly know what will ‘Make America Great Again,’ and neither does the leader of this movement. “How will Donald Trump Make America Great Again?” — this question was on the table for over 250 days and I did not receive a single response that held even a threadbare of logical value. In fact, the only responses that held any value were ones from Republicans who were prepared to do something that went against every fiber in their body. These people were prepared to vote for Donald Trump because “He is better than Hillary.” Were it not for Neil Gorsuch, they have would been absolutely wrong. With approval numbers below 40% the question arises, as Republicans, are we actually better off? When even Ted Cruz of Texas is considered a toss-up in 2018, it seems that a clean rebuild of the party would have been better than the present situation. And what is that present situation? A lying President with no regard for the Constitution. Obamacare is still in place after seven years of promises to repeal the unpopular bill. The worst of all, we live under the rule of a Supreme Court that has four justices on the verge of being replaced in the early 2020s (potentially) by the likes of Cory Booker, Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren. The problem is not that Democrats rally new campaign funds with each tweet from President Trump; the problem is that Republicans think this is okay. We believe that we haven’t earned our status as mere sellouts to an unpopular, unsuccessful President. The prime example of this is found in Turning Point USA and its Executive Director Charlie Kirk. What began as an Eagle Scout’s noble pursuit to promote free markets and free speech is now minimized to defending every wild tweet from the President.

What if Republicans actually believed that rollbacks of regulations and taxes meant more economic growth for themselves and their neighbors? What if Republicans promoted the idea of the second amendment because it can save lives rather than using the word “Libtard” to describe those who press them on the issue? What if Republicans promoted a message of economic growth to minorities instead of ignoring them in our outreach? What if Republicans led an effort to reach out to hispanic voters instead of trying to suppress their voting rights?

Much of my argument in this article was based on questions, and it wasn’t lazy writing, it was supposed to be interactive. I asked these questions because they are the same questions I asked myself when considering the future of my party and what my place in the party will be. I really believe that life is too short to wait around for every 4 years to have faith in the direction of the country. Unfortunately, the debt has been growing every year since 1788, with only the lone exception of 1835. Did George H.W. Bush cut taxes? Did George W. Bush promote individual liberty? Has Obamacare been repealed under Donald Trump? No. No. No.

There must be a new way forward for Republicans to follow and it starts at the grassroots level. Our activism should be about economic prosperity for all through capitalism. We could win the Obamacare argument by not only highlighting the flaws of it, but by offering a true repeal that offers better services, to more people, at lower prices. We could stand in solidarity with our police officers while also looking at each case individually and determining if indeed our police system needs reform. We could look at reforming our criminal justice system; marketing it Republicans fiscally and to Democrats with regard to racial equality.

I truly believe that Republicans will lose the Senate in 2018 and see a true blood bath in 2020, if President Trump is nominated again.

There is hope, if a movement is built to guide the Republican Party back to its core of principled conservatism. What more is conservatism than the American Dream for everyone who is willing to work for it? The future of this country will be built by nerds in Silicon Valley and not by the Washington machine. The only way forward is to regulate the government’s determination to stop this progress. If we are to thrive in the next century we must begin to change our party. The Republican Party must grow to be more than anti-Democrat. The Republican Party could be the party that ends urban poverty, balances budgets and cuts into the massive deficit. We need to return the party to its core principles of limited government, free markets, free speech and free people. This is the new way forward toward a better life for all.